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Below are some testimonials from just a handful of our satisfied clients.

I have nothing but rave reviews for the Showtime Training team. Eric and Chris have a phenomenal company and are both personally dedicated to each of their client’s success. Chris is a wonderful inspiration, training partner, mentor and fitness guide. I’ve grown more, both in knowledge and muscle strength (had to add that in) in this last year than I ever thought possible. To achieve goals, it takes dedication, discipline and passion. But with the support of Eric and Chris, it’s almost easy! I would like to extend a special THANK YOU to Chris for all of the time, advice and interest she has taken in my personal wellness. I couldn’t ask for a better fitness trainer and friend. I would recommend the Showtime Training services to anyone. Hey Lancaster County, guess what time it is?... IT’S SHOWTIME! - Katie Sandoe
Working with Showtime has been great! Having never worked with a personal trainer before, I wasn't sure what to expect. They took all the worry away after the first day. They sat me down, explained to me some basic fundamentals and gave me the encouragement I needed to know that I could make this change. - Julianna Devonshire
Thanks to Showtime I've lost 13 pounds within the first two weeks. They know just what it takes to keep me motivated and push me past my perceived limits. I couldn't be happier with the results and owe my new found confidence all to Showime!- Sharlene Striebich
I have worked out at a gym faithfully "3 days a week" for more than 15 years. I've had many trainers show me different routines using weights during these years. I can honestly say that after training with Eric I learned the true wisdom on how to train your muscles properly in about half the time. I am now getting the results I've always wanted but didn't have the ability to achieve without the knowledge Eric has given me. This knowledge is saving me time and helping me see results! What you learn at Showtime will last you a lifetime.- Nina Evangelista
There are few things in life that are guaranteed...especially within the world of bodybuilding! I am witness today to let everyone know the true value of working with a professional trainer. When I decided to dedicate a huge portion of my life to the training and dieting requirements in order to compete at the State Championship level, I was at a complete loss as to where to turn. Each and every magazine that I read only left me more confused. The frustration as to how to diet properly, not only during the off season, but leading up to the contest was enough to almost make me give up on my dream. I wanted to compete and I wanted to do it RIGHT! I knew that I wanted to go into my competitions with the confidence of having a legitimate chance of winning...not just going through the motions. Eric provided me with that confidence. Through his expertise, commitment and belief in me, I was able to place second in the New Jersey State Bodybuilding Championships in the middleweight class. This accomplishment could never have been achieved without Eric's guidance and support. The muscle symmetry, vascularity and "rock hard" look that I took on stage that night ensured me that WE had done it RIGHT! Eric took the time to create a diet and training routine that worked for ME. I never felt as if I was just another client on a conveyor belt. Eric kept things they should be, and the results far surpassed my wildest expectations. Eric is current with what is happening in the ever changing world of bodybuilding. He knows what works, and, more importantly, what doesn't! Every minute of every training session is focused on positive results. His motivational methods and nutritional knowledge are right up there with trainers hired by the professionals. I would encourage ANYONE that wants to train, achieve and quite possibly surpass their own personal goals, to look no further than Showtime Training. Stop wasting time trying to "guess right". Work with a true professional and let the results speak for themselves...guaranteed!!! - Bruce Harding