About our training programs

Strength Training
Build endurance, minimize risk of injury, and experience the overall health benefits of strength and resistance training.

Sports Specific Training
Up your game by preparing your body for the movements, pace and skill specific to your sport. Enjoy improved overall performance and stamina.

Cardiovascular Training
This kind of exercise allows you to raise your heart rate and effectively burn off calories. Not only is it heart-healthy, it has been shown to decrease stress and increase overall mobility.

Competition Preparation/Weight Loss
Being the best helps when you’re trained by the best. If you’ve checked out Eric’s bio, you know that setting and exceeding personal and professional goals is just one of the things Showtime does right.

Muscular Endurance
By taking the time to train specific muscle groups, you increase your ability to perform both daily activities and more challenging sports/activities with ease.

Overall Conditioning
Improve your strength and tone through Showtime’s personalized overall conditioning programs.